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Welcome to Zirena’s new blog! This blog is going to be a mosaic, a spectrum, a kaleidoscopic experience. I’ve decided against trying to find a niche or a theme that would be easy to sell or brand and instead, I will centre it around my deepest thoughts, my weirdest ideas and all the other things that come out from the farthest corners of my mind. I’ve been called complex by many, complicated by some. My highest goal in life (other than being a decent human being and having love in my personal relationships) is to become a modern day renaissance (wo)man. It sounds grand, and it is, because in spite of my humble appearance (haha), I’m actually quite ambitious and perfectionistic. Also, I plan to let this blog grow organically, which means that I will be able to write about whatever I feel passionate about at that time instead of doing the business savvy thing of specializing. I wish (no, I don’t, really) that I could be a specialist or have only a few interests in life that I then knew all about, but I’ve realized that that’s just not me. And this blog is me. The date chosen for the release is also not a coincidence, there are actually two reasons…

What is known today as Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Day, el día de los muertos, La Castanyada, el día de todos los santos and so forth, depending on where you live (I’d LOVE to know what you celebrate and how in your country/region), was once a pagan festival called (in the Celtic world), Samhain. I don’t dare to try to pronounce that, by the way. The gateway between worlds is open or at least the veil is thinner. And I have a lot of dead people who I’d like support from as well as all the Saints and the angels. 

On a more personal note, my second reason to launch right now is that it’s my tenth anniversary here in Catalunya. In the afternoon of the second of november 2011, my ex, my mother and I reached a little town called Arenys de Mar where we had found an affordable flat for a few months to see if we wanted to stay or go back to where we came from. We decided to stay, little did I know what would happen, that I’d end up all alone, only to try to rebuild my life once again. But I don’t regret staying for a second, it’s one of the best things to ever happen to me!

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Many of us are migratory birds, hoping for a better life for one reason or another.
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