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Roots in heads, it's quite deep

I was listening to an old song from 1995 by Danish rock band TV-2, “Respekt” where children of the time were described (They equip themselves to fight for the last placements, they arm themselves to the teeth with rootlessness): “De ruster sig til kamp om de sidste pladser De væbner sig til tænderne med rodløshed.” And something struck me. I’m one of those children, as are probably most of my generation, the early millennials (and…


Danish Juletræ with hearts and flags

During the dark days leading up to winter solstice, it becomes imperative to try to mitigate the growing darkness with light. In the old days, people believed that if we put up lights, we would convince the sun to come back to life. This is of course especially true in the deep North where the winter feels eternal, cold and dark. “Jul” is our name for the midwinter feast which is, at least today, one…

Ritos de paso modernos

Mientras caminaba por la calle y trataba de lidiar con la realidad de que de alguna manera me acercaba a la mediana edad sin siquiera darme cuenta de lo que sucedía, me di cuenta de repente de una realidad. En el mundo de hoy, hemos renunciado a las estrictas normas y reglas sociales de antaño (menos mal), pero nunca hemos puesto nada en su lugar. No necesitamos hacer nada por ninguna edad o etapa específica de la vida, podemos elegir si...