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Tag: Light


Danish Juletræ with hearts and flags

During the dark days leading up to winter solstice, it becomes imperative to try to mitigate the growing darkness with light. In the old days, people believed that if we put up lights, we would convince the sun to come back to life. This is of course especially true in the deep North where the winter feels eternal, cold and dark. “Jul” is our name for the midwinter feast which is, at least today, one…

Modern rites of passage

While walking on the street and trying to grapple with the reality of somehow nearing middle age without even realizing what happened, a sudden realization came to me. In today’s world, we’ve given up the strict norms and societal rules of yesteryear (and good riddance) but we’ve never put anything in their place. We don’t need to do anything by any specific age or stage in life, we can choose whether we want to be…

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