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Tag: Melancholy


Roots in heads, it's quite deep

I was listening to an old song from 1995 by Danish rock band TV-2, “Respekt” where children of the time were described (They equip themselves to fight for the last placements, they arm themselves to the teeth with rootlessness): “De ruster sig til kamp om de sidste pladser De væbner sig til tænderne med rodløshed.” And something struck me. I’m one of those children, as are probably most of my generation, the early millennials (and…

Modern rites of passage

While walking on the street and trying to grapple with the reality of somehow nearing middle age without even realizing what happened, a sudden realization came to me. In today’s world, we’ve given up the strict norms and societal rules of yesteryear (and good riddance) but we’ve never put anything in their place. We don’t need to do anything by any specific age or stage in life, we can choose whether we want to be…

La Llum

”La Llum” is a song I wrote some years ago during a summer of romantic and existential crisis. I’ve probably had several of those so at this point I don’t remember when it was, however, the person in question and the situation is very vivid to this day. Actually, a funny detail is that I often refer to the summer of any given year (e.g. summer of 2014), ever since I’ve been in Catalunya, which…

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